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Stage Drapery Fire Safety for Theaters and Schools

Care and Handling of Stage Drapes

Fire Safety on Stages is a real issue. Fires at events are responsible for some of the worst fire related disasters on record. Textiles are highly flammable, add the presence of hot lights, props, and pyrotechnics greatly increases the risk of fire. To prevent this from happening in the future, we have developed regulations designed to protect us from fires in theatres, schools and event venues. However, regulations...

Care and Handling of Stage Drapes

Care and Handling of Stage Drapes

With proper care, stage draperies will last over 25 years. The best way to store your draperies is to leave them hanging on your stage. Care should be taken not to expose them to extreme dryness or humidity. Too much humidity can cause the flame retardant chemicals to bleed out of the drape, leaving stains. Too dry and the flame retardant turns to powder and will fall out...

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