To All Hotel Operators & Executive Housekeepers:

Warning: Your Hotel Drapes are at Risk! Hotel style Black-Out Drapes cannot be Washed or Dry Cleaned. Doing so will degrade the rubberized backing and cause cracking, letting the light shine right through your expensive Black Out Drapes. Drapery replacement costs are high- estimated at more than 20 times the cost of cleaning. By establishing a regular cleaning schedule you can substantially prolong the life of your drapes and protect your investment. As the drapery specialists, we know that a little maintenance can significantly extend the life of your drapery investment.

On-Site Drapery Cleaner has been providing hotel drapery cleaning & fireproofing for over 25 years. Our proprietary process uses tiny particles carried on a cushion of air to extract dirt and contaminants from your drapes. Our unique non-immersion process delivers superior results than competitive cleaning processes. In fact, our process was originally developed specifically to clean Hotel Black Out Drapes. Our customers are the who's who of major hotels in Toronto, including the King Edward, Hiltons, Deltas, Doubletree and many more.

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Our On-Site service includes bringing our 'dry cleaning plant on wheels' to your premises, professional take-down and reinstallation of the drapes, and our safe dry cleaning process.

  • Tracks are inspected for damage and lubricated; hooks, pins and runners are replaced as needed.
  • Drapes are carefully tagged to insure they are re-hung on the same window, and all tags are removed after cleaning.
  • All drapes are hand-folded after cleaning; (no stretching/folding machine is used). This eliminates damaging fabric stress.
  • Minor drape repairs are included and completed as necessary.
  • Drapes will not be down for more than 2 ½ hours, except in the case of major repairs.

In addition to competitive pricing, On-Site saves you money in other ways too…

  • No lost revenue with rooms out of order for even one night … we re-hang the drapes within 21/2 hours.
  • No valuable administration time wasted on follow-up due to incomplete workmanship … we do the job right the first time.
  • No "extra charges" … we consider minor repairs and pin & hook replacement part of the job.
  • Guaranteed no shrinkage, fading, discolouration or other fabric damage.

Drapery Maintenance Program

On-Site offers you the opportunity to establish a regular cycle of drapery maintenance based on the standards of the individual properties. The On-Site system provides consistency and quality of service and ensures that you get the maximum life from your drapery investment. Our drapery maintenance program includes a complete inventory, and customized cleaning schedule. Our system will automatically keep track of the rooms which require cleaning and when.


The On-Site process has no adverse effect on flameproofing inherent in the fabric. In addition, On-Site personnel are trained to conduct a vertical flame test to confirm the flame resistant properties of a drape. We are also equipped and trained to apply flame retardant to a fabric in full accordance with fire code standards.

Our Guarantee:

On-Site unconditionally guarantees all work and workmanship. There will be no shrinkage, fading, discolouration or any other fabric damage. Should the On-Site operators be of the opinion that any drapes cannot be satisfactorily processed due to problems existing prior to cleaning, they will bring the matter to the attention of housekeeping for a decision and authorization before cleaning is attempted.

What's Next? CLICK HERE to have our friendly staff come and visit you and prepare a Drapery Maintenance Program customized for your facility.

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Environmentally Friendly

  • Green Process
  • No Residue
  • No Toxic Waste
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