How Do You Clean Curtains?

4) Vacuum?

  • While we do recommend regular vacuuming to remove surface dust, when it comes to professional cleaning- Save Yourself Some Money, vacuuming your drapes with your own vacuum will produce similar results. Vacuuming drapes won’t remove embedded dust, but is a good interim step between deep cleaning.
  • Don’t lay them down and vacuum them, even when clean, the floor is a risky place to put your drapes. They could get walked on or catch on something.
  • Vacuums are designed to clean carpets, not curtains. Without a solid surface behind the fabric, vacuums do not generate sufficient suction to remove embedded dust. To compare, the best indication of vacuum performance is airflow- how much air does it pull? The most powerful vacuums generate close to 100 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute). On-Site’s Non-Immersion system pulls 3000 CFM, more than 30 times the air suction than a vacuum!
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Environmentally Friendly

  • Green Process
  • No Residue
  • No Toxic Waste
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