The Non-Immersion Advantage

  • No Shrinkage: Unlike clothing, drapery fabrics are not pre-washed. When fabric fibres are exposed to liquids of any kind- either water or dry cleaning fluid, they will shrink considerably.
  • No Colour Fade or Bleed: The colours of your drapery are critical. Why fade them away? Be wary of bleeding of colours, if immersed, dyes will run.
  • No Fabric Damage: On-Site’s non-immersion cleaning method is the gentlest way to clean your drapery. Traditional cleaning methods will lead to damage and distortion of fabric fibres.
  • No Distortion of Pleats and Seams: Fabrics immersed in liquids will lose their shape resulting in lost pleats and limp looking. To address this, traditional dry cleaners will then use steaming, pressing and re-pleating machines. Heat and pressure degrade your fabric fibres.
  • Won’t Remove Flame Retardant. On-Site’s non-immersion cleaning method does not use liquids, therefore will not remove the existing flame retardant. Once cleaned, On-Site will provide Certification for Fire Code Compliance
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Environmentally Friendly

  • Green Process
  • No Residue
  • No Toxic Waste
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